" When Logic aesthetically meets Common Sense, you get a functionally creative design! " ~ ASCENT

At ASCENT we put our grey matter and aesthetic skills to derive the best possible solution to enhance your creative requirement: Be it to design web pages, OR making corporate presentaions OR your product/services portfolio on a CD/DVD or as an e-brochure/catalogue!

We extend the same theory to produce some fantastic display with LED lighting for your Home/Office/Banquet Hall's interiors!

At ASCENT, we understand your creative needs and accordingly work with you to provide the best possible solution to support your IT.

Website Designing Services:

Your online presence has to make the correct statement the first time, every time! Since you are not humanly involved in engaging the visitor to browse through all the products and services you offer, it is important to have the right design and layout that matches the products/services you wish to offer.

At ASCENT, we start by understanding your products and services and the goal you wish to achieve by having an online presence. Based on this valuable input, we get to our drawing boards to suggest the best fit plan to achieve your goal.

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CD/DVD Presentations of Your Products & Services:

A marketing plan is incomplete without having the customer hold data you wish to sell him for continuous/future reference. An effective way to do this is to handover a CD OR DVD containing the product/service details in an animated format (if possible) with soothing background music (apt for ensuring good focus on the subject) with datasheets/details of every aspect you want to focus on.

At ASCENT we create the right mix of audio and visuals to ensure your target audience is captured by your products and services. This relates to good sales and profit for your company's bottom-line!

Depending on the data and industry, videos and voice overs are added to make the best impact CD/DVD presentations. To add to the captivating presentation, we package the media in a way "No customer could refuse having a second glance" !

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Printed Brochures & Catalogues:

The first impression of your company is through your product flyer, brochure OR catalogue. The intricately laid out data content says a lot of the professionalism that your company portrays.

At ASCENT, we try to highlight your products and services in such a way that it is captivating for the viewer to enquire more from you. We are associated with one of the best presses in the city to deliver crisp graphics and colours on paper, canvas and vinyl. The wide media support allows our clients to use our services for all their Domestic and International Expositions with good response.

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LED Display & Solutions:

LEDs are the energy efficient solution for lighting. Being small and available in multiple colours, we can combine its efficiency for decorative purposes.

Depending on your workspace or vanity space, we can suggest the right light to highlight your mood and enthrall visitors to your space for the ambience they prefer.

We deal in the RGB multicolour lights and offer controlled solutions for the luminosity and colour changing as per requirement.

With energy costs sky-rocketing, this solution is a MUST for every business and home! An initial investment reaps a long term attractive benefit!

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Customised & Branding (Brand-Awareness) Solutions:

When you are out to win a battle, make sure others do not take credit for your hard work!

Branding and Brand-awareness are an important aspect for your products and services. Be it your logo OR a product design, it is important that users refer to your products and services rightaway rather than a generic one that eats into your bottom-line

We offer solutions in your brand building and also craft personalised merchandise to ensure your brand receives "eyeballs" it deserves!

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