Computer Peripherals are an integral part of the IT infrastructure. They do not simply sit in the 'periphery' but in most cases, business revolve around these gadgets. Consider a situation where you have worked hours on an account statement and you cannot print the contents to show the Auditors OR your have spent days on an intricate product design and your client wants a print copy to proof read!

It is extremely important that you choose your peripherals correctly, else you are left with too many gadgets doing similar work OR worse, a lot of equipment but none to give you the right output!

At ASCENT, we understand your business needs and accordingly suggest the best fit solution for your printing/scanning/storage needs. We also have a host of accessories to suggest depending on your work environment to spruce up your computing experience.


Printers nowadays come in various formats, sizes and technology. In the hey days it used to be simple to pick a printer as there were minimal options: Line Printers, Dot Matrix Printers or the really expensive Laser Printers.

Now, it is important to know what your major printing need is. (Believe us, in most of the cases, you stand to lose if you make a choice of low investment inkjet printers to print account statements!) An ideal office must deploy a Laser printer (colour/mono) and a high performance inkjet printer to suffice their regular printing tasks. Depending on your network strength, these devices may be clustered to give better performance throughput.

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Scanners too have of late become common-place at all business and even homes. With the Internet communication booming, these devices have found eager users scan physically signed documents and email them saving considerable time and money (courier costs are high and even an overnight exxpress shipment takes over a night to deliver).

The decision to buy a scanner is not limited only to multimedia enthusiasts and publishing houses. The economical availability of scanners is seeing its usage in almost all business houses and even homes. However the choice of picking the right scanner for your business could be complex. If you deal with a load of documents that move between your branches, you should opt for Sheetfed OR Document Scanners; on the other hand a publishing house should look at the highest quality flatbed OR Drum Scanners

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All In One Multifunction Devices:

All-in-One Multifunction Devices are typically a Printer combined with a scanner and a modem to function as a Printer, Copier, Scanner and a Facsimile (Fax) device. A common variant to these are the devices without the modem or fax transmission ability.

Ideal use for these equipment are where space is paramount. These device are compact and hence save space and the messy wiring that three devices would bring with them. Again the choice of AIO is important in relation to your needs from it.

While many IT vendors advocate the All-in-One devices as an ideal solution, we firmly believe that separate components add better value to the utility aspect. This would depend finally on the end use, so it is best that you call us with your requirement and we'd assist you what's best for your needs right-away.

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Storage Solutions:

With digital content rising exponentially by the day, the need to store them also rises. Emails, scanned documents, MP3 music files, downloaded movies and most importantly your prized possession of personal digital camera pictures and movies, need a lot of space on your hard disks. The problem of storing them all on your computer/laptop is that you will eventually feel the crunch for space and there is a limit to upgrading them. At the same time there has to flexibility of using/viewing the stored material on another PC or at another location.

An external storage solves this problem. It connects with a USB and can store upto 4TB (4096GB) worth of data on them.

For businesses, the needs are different. These storage devices should have backup facility to ensure no data is lost. A sophisticated Storage drive that connects directly to your network can eliminate the need of setting up a dedicated storage server or even an FTP server!

Choosing your next peripheral purchase to be network-ready is very important to utilise the flexibility it offers.

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Communication Devices:

In the simplest form, the communciation device is the ubiquitous dial-up modem. While the days of dial-up access for Internet per se are numbered, these devices still work great with the PC as Fax equipment! The newer communciation devices sit on the grey line of being a peripheral and a network device. Broadband routers are such devices which not only provide Internet access (communication) but also have enough ports on them to setup a small home network.

Important choice of modem/router would be the technology associated with it and the speed and resilience it offers. There are load balancers available with the broadband routers to incorporate more than one Internet connection from differest ISPs for redundancy and almost fail proof Internet connectivity

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Accessories: :

What's computing without a few jazzed up gadgets? Computer accessories offer exactly the right solution to make your mundane computing experience livlier. To convenience your usage of PCs and peripherals, there are a host of accessories available right from the absolutely necessary ones to jazzy ones that pamper your ego.

The most essential accessories for your PC are the speakers, microphone and the webcamera. Apart from these, a USB hub for extra ports, a USB light and a cooling pad for your laptop would ease your computing experience.

As an authorised dealer for iBall products, we have the most exhaustive list of accessories for your Desktops, Laptops and Netbooks including cases and sleeves for the mobile computers.

From 2.1~5.1 speaker systems, to high clarity Headphone-mics and Web Camera, we have fancy accessories to liven up your mood.

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