Software is the 'Life and Soul' of the computing device! Without the right software, computers are simply a mass of electronics.

In 1997, we launched a suite of applications for the home called the "ASCENT HOME SUITE ". The package had just the right suite of applications that the emerging home/SOHO market was tending towards. Being our first general product, "ASCENT HOME SUITE " created waves from the very day of its launch and received a record sales.

We undertake web-related software aplications development, which is the net generation platform of 'Cloud Computing'. Our engineers ensure every piece of code is optimally coded to deliver throughput based on requirement.

We also have the following packaged Software that are essential for every businesses:

Operating Systems:

We have the following Operating systems from Microsoft's stable:

Microsoft Windows 7 32bit/64bit (OEM) Home Premium/Professional/Ultimate
Microsoft Windows 7 32bit/64bit (Full) Home Premium/Professional/Ultimate
Microsoft Windows XP (OEM) Professional
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 32bit/64bit SBS/Enterprise

We can provide Linux and Google Chrome Operating System variants on request.

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Productivity Suites:

The Applications that are essential for 'Work'ing with computers are the prodcutivity packages like your word-processors and spreadsheets.

We have the following Productivity Suites from Microsoft's stable:

Microsoft Office 2010 Home & Student
Microsoft Office 2010 Home & Business
Microsoft Office 2010 Professional

Apart from these, there are a few free suites available like: Thinkfree and OpenOffice, which may be accessed from their respective sites.

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Graphics & Engineering:

Based on client requirement, we source the following packages useful for Graphics and Engineering industry:

Corel Suite
Adobe Photoshop Suite
Adobe Macromedia Suite
Microsoft Publisher
AutoCAD standalone and multi-user packages

Since these packages are highly dynamic and industry sensitive, it is best to contact us for the latest updates and post your requirements to suggest the best for your need.

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For large businesses and industries, tracking their production and mon-power can be made simple with the use of Relational Databases as a platform to port their applications on. As IN Remarketer of Oracle's products in India, we offer RDBMS products from their stable:

  • Oracle Database Personal Edition / Standard Edition / Standard Edition One
  • Oracle Application Server Standard Edition One / Standard Edition
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Standard Edition One
  • Oracle WebLogic Server Standard Edition
  • Oracle Universal Content Management Standard Edtion
  • Oracle Document Capture
  • Oracle Internet Developer Suite
  • Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler
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    The blood supply of every business is the accounting and finance department!

    There are a lot of accounting packages and suites available for every industry and business' needs. It is important to choose the right package to ease your finance management and also file your returns correctly.

    We recommend and sell Tally ERP 9 available in Single & Multi User environments as one of the most versatile accounting package, suitable to most businesses and industries!

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    Anti Virus: :

    The online attacks nowadays are not limited to Viruses alone, you now have to be wary of 'trojans, keyloggers, spywares, malwares, ...', if you want your computing to be safe and secure. While you would not leave your home without locking your door and every access point to prevent theft and abuse to your property, it is important to do the same to your valuable data on your computers!

    For large businesses we recommend Symantec's protection suites while for smaller business, eScan has good protection suites. Below are a list of what we currently sell:

  • Norton Internet Security 2011 (Available in 1,3,5,10 user packs)
  • Norton End Point Protection (Available in 25 User packs)
  • eScan Internet Security (Available in 1,3,5,10 user packs)
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