With a good amount of investment in your computing infrastructure, it is important to ensure that the systems are always "AVAILABLE" when required.

We excel in providing timely and apt services for PC hardware, networks, software and the Internet. We undertake maintainence contracts for PC based systems and peripherals and offer competitive upgrades to existing PC systems.

Our web related services are also amongst the quickest as would be expected of an "Online service"!

At ASCENT, we understand your business needs and accordingly work with you to provide the best possible solution to support your IT.

Systems Service:

Along with delivering good quality systems, it would be expected of us to provide timely maintainence which ensures minimum downtime, . . . . . and we are glad to be doing a good job of it too.

Even the best of machines require maintainance, and we provide it to all our clients with prompt and ease.

All our computer systems carry One Year On-Site warranty (unless specifically mentioned). After this tenure of free service, we suggest annual maintainence contracts.

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Annual Maintenance Contracts:

We undertake Annual Maintainence Contracts (AMC) for stand-alone PCs, networked PCs, network components and peripherals.

The AMCs include a periodic preventive checkup and fine-tuning of systems, apart from 'break-down' services, which are essentially on-call services rendered by us "free of cost" during the AMC tenure.

Do you wish to know more about our system maintainence services? Depending on the make (if it is not our own brand) and the configuration, we suggest the cost of maintaining your IT investments for the year.

Click to send us an e-mail requesting the type of maintainence your organisation requires for its systems along with the hardware details. We will follow up at the earliest to offer you our solution for the same.

Network Support:

Networks of PCs are one of the most trickiest connections to establish and maintain.

We build and maintain Networks with the Client-Server OR peer to peer model. Typically network sites setup by us do not run into any major infrastructural problems, unless they have been modified at any stage through any other resources.

Our support for your network is not limited to only hardware OR software services. We combine to two to give you an all in one Network support with minimal downtime.

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Web Support & Services:

Our clients benefit from our online guidance and assistance for prompt support over the Internet. We attempt to resolve most non-serious issues related to software failure online itself.

As an online-friendly company having inhouse web designers and site creators, we provide a range of web related services which include:
Domain Name Regn, Webspace OR hosting, Search Engine Optimisation, Website Designing, Website periodic maintenance and upgrades, website updation etc.

Depending on the periodicty of updates required for your website to reflect realtime data, we offer support and maintenance solutions for this domain.

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Customised Solutions:

Having a PC like most have, is not so happening! How about customising your PC to add that 'zing' to it and show to the world that you care about how you compute? We have a plethora of options for doing so! Right from suggesting the right components to the choice of placements to make your 'designer PC'

How about making your PC invisible when it is not ON?? Or wall mount your entire computer and access it wirelessly from any corner of the room??

We know how to make computers work with style!

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e-Newsletters :

We periodically send emails to our clients: many a times informing them of latest trends and products in the market, ..... and at other times warning them of possible new threats online that could disrupt their computing.

If you wish to receive "Free" updates regarding such acivities, kindly send us an email and we shall include you in our list of subscribers.

We do not send e-Newsletters with any peirodicity; only when an important message is to be conveyed. Also we do not support spam OR sell database of emails, so your data is safe with us.

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